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Work Injury Attorney: A Lubbock, Texas, Police Officer Sustains a Work Injury While Saving a Woman’s Life

Friday, September 28th, 2012
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Lubbock, Texas, police Officer Philip Standefer, age 26, suffered minor injuries as a result of taking dramatic action which is believed to have saved a woman’s life.

Early Monday morning on 19th Street a 23-year-old man was allegedly driving a flower delivery van while intoxicated, according to police Sgt. Jonathan Stewart. A dashboard camera video in a police Tahoe captured the scene which caused Officer Standefer’s injuries. The van crossed the median and smashed into a parked police car, which created a chain of events that damaged four other vehicles.

Sgt. Jon Baker explained that Standefer was at the scene for an unrelated traffic accident. There were two police vehicles blocking traffic across 19th Street. When the van came crashing onto the scene, Standefer had been interviewing a woman. He pushed her out of the way as vehicles collided in a high-speed crash, and he was injured, as a result. Another police officer escaped the collision without injury.

The woman Standefer pushed out of the way of the crash was transported to a Lubbock hospital, treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and released.

Standefer was transported to University Medical Center, where he received treatment for minor injuries and was released within 24 hours. He is expected to return to work less than a week after the incident.

The driver of the van has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault resulting from the collision and driving while intoxicated. According to the Lubbock County Criminal Detention Center, he was released on $55,000 bail on Wednesday.

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