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A Police Officer Escorting a Funeral Procession is Killed in El Paso, Texas

Thursday, March 19th, 2015


Official seal of City of El Paso

Official seal of City of El Paso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tragedy occurred in El Paso, Texas, on Wednesday when a motorcycle police officer with the El Paso Police Department was killed while helping with a funeral procession. According to officials, the fatal motorcycle crash occurred as the procession of cars was traveling north on Yarbrough Drive. On Edgemere, an officer was blocking westbound traffic with sirens and flashing lights. A motorist in a Honda Civic who was traveling on Edgemere allegedly refused to abide by the officer’s direction and, as a result, the now deceased motorcyclist struck the side of the Civic. He was transported by ambulance to Del Sol Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.


The danger to motorcyclists in funeral processions was an issue that the city was already aware of because an officer had been seriously injured on the job in that circumstance in 2006. After that happened, a former police chief in El Paso attempted to ban police escorts in funeral processions. The ban was extremely unpopular with everyone involved and was halted before it got started.


Even when a funeral procession is not involved, traffic poses a danger to policemen in the line of their duties. The last police officer in El Paso to die while on the job was a 27-year-old who was struck by a vehicle as he was removing a ladder from the highway on Interstate 10.


Off-duty police officers frequently work as procession escorts; and, according to one local funeral director, there are approximately ten funeral processions in El Paso daily. Perhaps instead of banning the practice of using police officers as escorts, there could be safer approaches to moving processions. Another safety measure might be to strengthen the penalties against drivers when it is found that their carelessness and disregard for the safety others cost someone their life.


–Guest Contributor


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