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A Highway Construction Worker is Killed in Ballinger, Texas – Part 2

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015
Construction worker in San Francisco.

Construction worker in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides the following examples of struck-by falling object construction accidents that have occurred:

  • A worker was using a cutting torch to cut an 8,000-pound boiler into sections. The section that was being cut fell off. Then the remaining section, which weighed 5,000 pounds, flipped over and landed on the worker.
  • In a fatal construction accident involving a crane, OSHA discovered that the crane had not been inspected prior to use and the accident occurred because a pin necessary to secure the jib to the boom was missing. What happened was that a worker was helping a rigger, and the rigger attached a load to a wheel-mounted crane by the block hook. The crane operator was sitting in the cab, and he was waiting for a hand signal that would indicate it was time to make the lift. During the waiting process, the jib of the crane fell from the stowed position on the boom, and the construction worker was fatally struck.

Struck-by Swinging Object

When materials are being lifted mechanically, such as by a crane, there is the potential that they will swing, turn, or twist and strike workers.  These movements often catch workers by surprise, which is part of the reason the accidents happen. Windy conditions are especially dangerous, since the wind causes loads to be even more unstable. Workers are also sometimes struck when loads slip from their riggings. Proper rigging will prevent slippage.

Struck-by swinging hazards are also those in which an object is not free standing as it attached at some point or being held by a worker. This can also include when a hinge-like motion creates a swinging motion that strikes workers.

See Part 1 and learn more about struck-by swinging hazards in this continuing series.

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