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After Worker Suffers a Serious Fall, a Hurst, TX, Flooring Company Faces $66,990 in Proposed Penalties – Part 2

Monday, January 25th, 2016
Old Balcony

Old Balcony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An inspection of a flooring company in Hurst, Texas, by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was instigated after a worker fell from a balcony at a Fort Worth construction site and required hospitalization for care of his injuries. Subfloor Systems Inc. was issued citations for an alleged serious violation and an alleged willful violation, and the total proposed penalty is $66,990. Acting area director for OSHA in Fort Worth, Josh Bernstein, said the employer failed to provide training or fall protection and put workers in a hazardous situation, exposing them to preventable fall injuries.

The following is information about the alleged willful violation:

OSHA alleges that each worker on a working or walking surface with an unprotected side or an edge 6 feet or more above a lower level was not protected from falling by the use of personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, or guardrail systems. More specifically, on or about July 22, 2015, workers performing concrete activities from unprotected balconies without any type of fall protection exposed those workers to fall hazards:

  • From a second floor balcony. A foreman and one other worker were working without fall protection, which exposed the employees to an unprotected fall hazard of about 22 feet to the ground below.
  • From a third floor balcony. A foreman and three other workers were allegedly working without fall protection, exposing the employees to an unprotected fall hazard of about 33 feet to the ground below.

The proposed penalty for this alleged willful violation is: $61,600.

See Part 1 of this ongoing series to learn about the one serious willful violation that the Hurst, Texas, company was cited for by OSHA.

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